cNumerics was founded in the summer of 2020. The company's target object was to create commercial software for civil engineers who follow Eurocodes as their "holy scripture".

The company's uniques are that the team members have a structural engineering background and know how to develop software applications. For this reason, nothing gets lost in the transaction from the structural engineer to the software developer.


The short

Revolt against the "Black-Box" in-and output fashion and bring back the good old "middle step", leaving nobody behind.

The long

We continually strive to improve the software engineers use in their daily work. By "improve", we mean making trustworthy software.

So what is trustworthy to cNumerics, you might ask? It is software where all calculations are laid out for the engineer to validate. Most engineers rely heavily on software to meet the demands of clients. But tight budgets and past deadlines should not be an excuse not to verify the results made by the software.

That's why we do everything we can to make sure that it is easy to see our software's input, calculations, and output. Much of the commercial software for engineers only work with in-and outputs, often leaving the engineer blindfolded when he or she tries to verify the results.

Our vision is to make software where everybody can follow along and verify every step of the calculation performed by the software.

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