Eurocode wind load calculation

Eurocode wind load calculation

Zephyr: EN 1991-1-4 Calculator

Some of the advantages of Zephyr is:

In-depth documentation for better interpretation

Faster and more reliable quality assurance

Save time and money on wind load calculations

Continuously up to date with the latest Eurocode

Handels five different roof types!

Here are some of Zephyrs features:

Generates EN 1991 1 4 worked examples for your comfort

Covers national annexes for DS/EN 1991-1-4 & DIN EN 1991-1-4

Efficiently manages roof types of Flat, Monopitch, Duopitch or Hipped

Pressure coefficient calculations in-depth

So get rid of obsolete Excel sheets and get started with a next-generation wind load calculator for Eurocode 1 today!

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